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Coffeeduck: Refillable cups and pads

The Coffee Duck Company is the market leader in high-end coffee systems.

Today’s fast-paced society encourages the development of convenience products that, in addition to carrying a high price tag, are also damaging to the environment. But Coffeeduck supplies systems that make it possible to use loose ground coffee, benefiting not only the environment but also your wallet.

“The Coffeeduck Company” feels strongly about such matters, which is why we aim to continuously develop new and innovative coffee products.

It is therefore no surprise that “The Coffeeduck Company" has numerous patents, model depots, and more.

"The Coffeeduck Company" is a registered trademark.

Coffeeduck for Nespresso

The Coffeeduck Espresso cup is a refillable cup for using loose espresso coffee grounds in your Nespresso coffee maker

Coffeeduck for Senseo

With the Coffeeduck, you can convert your Senseo coffeemaker into an espresso machine. The Coffeeduck is actually a 2-pod holder that can also be used for ground coffee.

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Coffeeduck: Refillable capsules and pads